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Funded Collaborators & Advisory Boards

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Funded Collaborators

To link to a researcher's biography or institutional Web site, click on their photo. To link to their e-mail address, click on their name.

Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Brian Eitzer

Brian Eitzer   Jamie Ellis

University of Florida

Jamie Ellis

Illinois Natural History Survey

Leellen Solter

Leellen Solter   Keith S. Delaplane

University of Georgia

Keith Delaplane

Kentucky State University

Tom Webster

Tom Webster   Francis Drummond

University of Maine

Francis Drummond

Michigan State University

Zachary Huang

Zachary Huang   Ann Averill

University of Massachusetts

Anne Averill

Pennsylvania State University

Maryann Frazier

Maryann Frazier   Marla Spivak

University of Minnesota

Marla Spivak

Pennsylvania State University

Christina Grozinger

Christina Grozinger   Marion Ellis

University of Nebraska

Marion Ellis

Pennsylvania State University

Chris Mullin

Chris Mullin   John Skinner

University of Tennessee

John Skinner

Pennsylvania State University

Nancy Ostiguy

Nancy Ostiguy   Jay Evans

USDA ARS, Beltsville, Maryland

Jay Evans

Purdue University

Greg Hunt

Greg Hunt   Judy Chen

USDA ARS, Beltsville, Maryland

Judy Chen

Washington State University

Steve Sheppard

W. Steve Sheppard   Katherine Aronstein

USDA ARS, Weslaco, Texas

Katherine Aronstein


University of California at Riverside

Kirk Visscher

Kirk Visscher  




Executive Committee
The executive board is comprised of Keith DelaplaneAnn AverillNancy OstiguyJohn SkinnerSteve SheppardMarla Spivak, Greg Hunt, and Francis Drummond.

The following individuals and organizations have agreed to serve on external advisory boards. The function of the Stakeholder board is to provide input at the proposal writing stage and at the CAP annual meetings. The role of the Science advisory board is to provide input on research proposals solicited under the seed grant program.

Stakeholder Board

Jerry Brown
Tom Glenn
Jerry Hayes
Lincoln Sennett
Dennis vanEnglesdorp
Danny Weaver
Virginia Webb
George Bunnell
Laurie Adams
Glenn Apiaries, CA
FL Dept Agriculture
blueberry grower, ME
Apiary Inspectors of America
American Beekeeping Federation
commercial honey producer, GA
Sioux Honey member, NB
N. American Pollinator Protection Campaign


Science Advisory Board

Jim Cane
David De Jong
Ingemar Fries
Richard Hellmich
Mariano Higes
Yves LeConte
Gard Otis
Steve Pernal
Mark Winston
ARS Logan Utah bee lab
Univ Sao Paulo, Brazil
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Centro Apicola Regional, Spain
INRA, France
University of Guelph, Canada
Ag Canada
Simon Fraser Univ, Canada